Twango + widgets = Twidgets

Twango is a media sharing service I use mainly to post photos of myself and my girlfriend so we don't have to go out and relate to other people. It is also an excellent way to show all your friends and family how would you look with Ron Jeremy mustaches without freaking out people in public transportation. For all those that wonder, Twango:

... is a term used by guitar players to refer to a certain style of twangy-sounding guitar music. You might call it a kind of "cowboy surf" sound

As it happens, I kind of like cowboy surf. I also happen to like services that allow you to upload and share your stuff in lots of different (and quite advanced) ways. As far as I understood from their FAQ section, a public API is on the way as well, so Twango does it for me.

Twidgets are Twango widgets -- code snippets you can use to integrate your Twango channels with other content. They come in two flavors: flash and javascript, and there is a number of them ready to be used. However, since neither one of them completely suited my (quite unstable) taste - and since I like to fiddle with stuff - I rolled up my sleeves and made a couple of them on my own. You can see an example result in the sidebar of this site. right here:

My Twango photos

Fetching Twango feed ...

The scripts should work in most recent browsers - I tested them in IE7, FF2 and O9.

I also made a Twango channel dedicated to twidget development, so feel free to browse.

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